That flow of information

From morning till night, a continuous flow of infor­mation comes to our brain through innumerable communica­tion channels. The acoustic nerve is made up of 30000 conductor fibres, while the optic nerve has even more, about 900000. The amount of information coming in every second from the hearing aid alone is equal to tens of thou­sands of bits per second, while the information sent in by the eye amounts to millions of bits in a single second!

The brain has to sort all this out, glean from it the impor­tant information and separate it from what is minor or of no relevance. For the human brain can digest no more than 50 bits in a second.

In the morning, before it wakes up, the brain gets down to work. It has to tune in its receivers to ensure the un­failing supply of important messages. This is no easy matter, for human and animal organisms have numerous diverse receivers, each perceiving only a definite kind of encoded information.

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