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Sensory receptor cells

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The sensitivity of the antennae is astounding. The energy of a single photon, the most minute amount of light, is sufficient to stimulate the visual cell. The olfactory cells sense a single molecule of odoriferous substance. For the auditory cell to be excited, it is sufficient for the ear-drum to vi­brate with an amplitude of […]

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Receptor cells similar in structure

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Scientists have always been eager to understand the structure and function of the sense organs. Research has been especially intense in the past few years, after the elec­tron microscope came on the scene. This is understandable since the ordinary microscope only magnifies ten to fifteen hundred times, while the electron microscope has a magni­fication of […]

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Sense organs

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How many communication channels does an organism possess? In how many ways can it get information? The receivers for gathering information, the receptors, are what we commonly call the sense organs. Scientists distinguish six sense organs which they consider the prin­cipal ones: those concerned with vision, hearing, equilib­rium, taste, smell and skin sensibility. As for […]

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